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A Vineyard

Dessert Bar

Sweet Vineyards dessert bar represents a line of sweet indulgents that captures the spirit and flavor reminiscent of the Long Island North Fork Vineyards. The North Fork is known for its New England feel of coastal towns, wine tours and sweet pies. Manufactured by Sweet Vineyards, the first line to go retail was wine inspired flavored biscotti. In 2018, tea biscotti were added to the current line for breakfast pairing with vineyard tours. Then Vineyard flavored inspired pies were to follow and were added on in 2020.

You can find our products in Sparklingpoint Vineyards, Stony Brook University Farmer’s Market, and other various vineyards and select events.

Wine Biscotti

Sweet Vineyards biscotti are unique in flavor and texture. This is an indulgent line that takes the famous biscotti and elevates it into other areas of indulgence. The classic flavors are Vin Santo Wine Biscotti, Vin Santo Milano wine Biscotti and Sweet Marsala Wine Biscotti. Biscotti are known to be hard and paired with coffee or expresso. But historically, biscotti were made to also pair with or dip in wine. Vin Santo Wine Biscotti are formulated to pair with coffee or Sweet White wines( or Vin Santo Wine) bringing the centuries old tradition of Italy to America. Vin Santo Milano wine Biscotti has a deep rich chocolate flavor that’s not too sweet and pairs well with sweet and fruity red wines or hot chocolate and cappuccino. Sweet Marsala wine Biscotti is a delicious classic vineyard indulgent treat that was the first in the line of wine inspired Biscotti. This is still a customer favorite.

Vin Santo Wine Biscotti

Blended flavors of Almond, pine nuts, macadamia nuts and pistachio nuts with a touch of lemon zest to pair with dessert and sweet white wines or with coffee/espresso.

Vin Santo Milano Wine Biscotti

Dark and rich chocolate biscotti that’s not too sweet blending dark, bittersweet, semi-sweet chocolate flavors to pair with sweet or fruity red wines, as well as hot chocolate or cappuccino.

Sweet Marsala Wine Biscotti

The original wine biscotti flavor that has the richness of sweet marsala wine with an essence of orange and touch of sweetness. Eaten alone or paired with any favorite beverage, this biscotti is great in flavor and texture.

Tea Biscotti

Tea biscotti are delicate in texture and flavor that are scrumptious with any cup of tea. Made with fresh ingredients and aromatic flavors these biscotti make any teatime more relaxing and satisfying. Flavors include lemon-honey and lemon lavender.

Lemon Honey Tea Biscotti

Delicate in texture and with the flavor of lemon and the essence of sweet honey, it is a perfect match at teatime.

Lemon Lavender Tea Biscotti

Sweet taste of lemon with a light essence of lavender, this biscotti is a perfect match for any cup of tea.

New Flavor

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Vineyard Pies

The north fork is also well known for its pies. For the summer of 2020, sweet vineyards have added a unique line of sweets, pies. Flavors are vineyard inspired with the rich flavors of various wines found throughout the east end. With a delicate crust and rich fillings popping with fruit. Vineyards pies are very new and unique to any other pie flavors. The first pies of the season include cherry cordial pie, blueberry wine pie and white sangria pie. In the fall mulled wine apple pie will be added to the line.

Cherry Cordial Pie

This is a pie that is reminiscent of the famous fruity wines at the vineyards. Sweet and rich with flavors encased with a delicate flavorful crust or topped with a streusel crumble.

Blueberry Wine Pie

Scrumptious pie that is rich in flavor filled with sweet blueberries and encased with a delicate crust or topped with a brown sugar streusel crumble.

White Sangria Pie

Sweet fruity summer pie with sangria flavors including white peaches, sweet apples, and pears with a touch of strawberries. Also encased in a delicate crust or brown sugar crumble.

Mulled Wine Apple Pie

A fall pie that encompasses a sweet and spiced mulled wine flavor. Filled with a blend of apples, pears, and orange zest with the essence of Caramel and cinnamon.

New Flavor

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New Flavor

Coming Soon!

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